Mirette Investigates is a fun Search N Find game for kids and adults with over 168 puzzles and scenes to search through!

Mirette and Jean-Pat, her cat assistant, are travelling around the world investigating mystery cases. You can play with them looking for pictures that are hidden in the scenes of eight different cities. You will find 24 different cases to investigate through the hidden objects you will find.


Unlock funny stickers or collect choomaloos (which are colorful marshmellows) hidden in the images!


Get 21 FREE puzzles PLUS 147 more new puzzles available to play.


You will find new Hidden Objects combinations every time you play.


Help Mirette and Jean-Pat to solve the mystery cases and find the villains.

Both kids and families will love these Objects scenes where you can solve mysterious cases with the funny characters of Mirette and Jean-Pat.


Follow their adventures travelling around the world.


If the Mirette Investigates TV series are available in your country you can collect more marshmallows while watching the Mirette Investigates animated episodes. You can go to the “Get choomaloos with the TV series” button and get more choomaloos when you are watching an episode.


You can get all the choomaloos also playing again the mystery cases and the Hidden Objects images.


  • 168 puzzles to play
    • Multiple game modes
    • Different cities to play
  • 24 mysterious cases to solve
  • Collect marshmallows
    • 512 collectible stickers
    • Find hidden pieces to complete funny souvenirs

Perfect for kids & grownups.


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