Learn and get fun with the new Mix and Match App for Kids, Treeatures.

Treeatures is the new Kurio’s mix and match game.

Treeatures, invites kids to create and discover combinations of these funny characters. Kids can mix and match different cute animal body parts to create their own and original characters.

By encouraging creative thinking, kids can discover 14 animals living in a faraway Island. They can read their stories and abilities. Each animal has unique animations and sounds. Kids can create manually or randomly a cute troop of new Treeatures with the Magic Tree of the island.

Each Treeature is divided in 3 parts: head, body and legs. Kids can swipe right and left to switch each individual body part. Combining different cute animal parts will get new and funny animations.


Kids can use also the Magic Tree to create random Treeatures! Swipe down on the lever to close the leaves and release the lever to discover new Treeatures!

Each Treeature has a name divided in three parts. Kids can create funny Treeatures with crazy names!

Kids can boost their imagination and creative thinking to create new stories with their new Treeatures.

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