Katie is very curious and enthusiastic, which makes her an explorer at heart! She is always willing to learn something new about the world around her.


Dok is a very loyal and reliable friend. All the Lil Kurios can count on him and he’s always there with a helping hand!


Kira may look tall and independent, but she loves taking care of her friends. She is the protector of the group – keeping all the other Lil Kurios safe on all their adventures.


Seki is the lively and playful one of the group! He loves jumping and moving about, he never sits still. He is always the first to start a new adventure.


Mikro is very quick, he’ll suddenly appear by your side in an instant! You’ll never know when he’ll pop out of nowhere.


Sometimes Kroko can be a scaredy-cat! She’s shy, but smart. She comes up with new ideas and solutions to help her friends on their adventures.


Kion is just like a lion – he is brave and can move at lightening speed! But he also loves relaxing and being a little lazy once in awhile!


Kuku can fly! Not only can she fly, but she can fly fast. No bird can beat her!


Kippo is the strongest of the group, but he’s also the clumsiest! He’s always bumping into something.


Kanda sometimes is nervous and shy, she especially is scared of new adventures. The other Lil Kurios have to push Kanda to join in on the fun!


Kodiak loves sports and climbing anything from trees to walls!


Koby likes to sleep alot, but he’s also very observant. He watches his friends from atop a tree and makes sure they stay out of trouble!


Kabbit is the cutest of the group because she is the baby! She loves to copy her older Lil Kurio friends!


Kune has a sweet tooth and loves eating cake! If you’re not careful, he might eat your slice of cake too!


Kelly is very sociable and super smart! She has a photographic memory – she loves using it to teach her friends new things!


Skueak is sometimes naughty but she loves her friends and tries to be calm and nice when is needed.


Kolt is a small gentleman, very elegant and willing to support all his friends.


Unikorn is the fanciest Lil Kurios. She is brilliant and creative. She likes drawing and painting.