About KD


KD was created to make your child's development a fun experience. The company offers children's educational and innovative toys through exciting design and the latest technology.

To ensure KD products provide children with a fun learning experience, the products are developed alongside Early Childhood professionals who help to guarantee each stage of a child's development is entertaining and engaging.

To make sure we achieve our mission of supplying toys that enable learning while providing fun play, all of our developments are approved by our Little Experts!


Our Principles

KD follows these five principles to ensure all products are innovative, educative and fun:

1. Listening

We listen to comments and suggestions from our 'Little Experts', parents and childhood professionals to ensure we accurately respond to the needs and expectations of consumers. In addition as KD is present around the world, we adjust to the needs and cultures of each country while remaining true to our identity.

2. Creativity

To make sure our products remain exciting we ensure all creative elements are developed by us:
• All sound recording and arrangements are made in our studios.

• All games and content are designed and developed by us.

• All product design, studies or ergonomics, packaging and illustrations are designed by our teams

• All quality controls are carried out by our quality team.


3. Quality

Quality is a principle that is at the center of everything we do. Our quality department works with our Research, Development and Design teams to ensure that Quality Control and Safety are taken into account from the beginning through the end of the cycle.

All of our products are tested by independent, accredited laboratories and comply with all safety stands for toys.

4. Rigor

Every year we develop more than 100 new products,while making sure we invest in new technologies so we can be current and knowledgeable. At KD, we listen and learn so we can achieve our goals of creative design, high quality, value, and fun.  After-sales returns are rare but we analyze them rigorously to better expand the quality and safety we strive for.

5. Happiness

All of the above principles ensure that KD provides toys that excite, engage, educate and promote happiness in children.


Our Commitments


KD and the environment

We are committed to working towards a healthy planet and providing safe products to children. As such our mission is to supply children with toys and games that help to develop them into independent and responsible adults.

As children lead by example, KD is committed to respecting the environment with the hope that this will help to shape children's futures. So we sort our waste internally by recycling cartons and packaging each day, we no longer distribute unnecessary paper catalogues and all our products are packed in recyclable materials.


KD Awards

KD is an international brand, which has been recognised and awarded

KD awarded in United Kingdom

Licensing Award 2011

The Licensing Award in the UK has really become a sought distinction; its integrity is unquestioned as an endorsement of excellence.

In 2011, more than 1,300 licensors, licensees and distributors attended a truly exciting presentation ceremony of which the licensing industry can be proud of. For the second consecutive year KD UK (InspirationWorks) was recognised for its Peppa Pig Electronic Learning range in the Best Licensed Written, Listening or Learning Range.








KD at Nuremberg International toy fair'

Visibility and recognition beyond our borders

Every Year we are pleased to welcome our distributors to this world-renowned fair. A great opportunity for us to introduce our brand new items and get their feedback.


KD selected by Parents Magazine in France

For 20 years, the Label Parents has been recognised as a symbol of quality. The criteria used by editors of Parents magazine to award the "Parents choice" label to new products include aspects of innovation, safety and convenience. The label rewards the best application of these principles when geared towards childcare.

This is a very high quality selection, which emphasizes that the product is best for parents and their babies.


This year, all our ILOL range received the Parents Magazine Label.

ILOL My First tablet
ILOL My First Phone
ILOL My First E-Book



KD award-winning in the USA

A lot of our products have received award in the US for their design, innovation, play and value to children.  Please note below a few of them

Silly Sam & Friends
Cheeky Tunes, Rocky Ricky The Guitar
  Cheeky Tunes, DJ Dany

Alphabet Tablet 

Fun and Play Tablet 

My Smartphone